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Frog Class
4- & 5-year-olds

In the Frog Class, we work together to build a strong, caring classroom community of learners, explorers, creators, artists, and friends. Through engaging, hands-on activities we instill curiosity and nurture confidence. And we harness the power of play to develop and strengthen the skills that kids will use throughout their lifetime of learning. 


* We’ll build literacy and language skills by reading and writing our names and the letters of the alphabet, exploring fiction and nonfiction reading materials, and enjoying books and stories that celebrate our diversity as well as our shared experiences.  


* We’ll explore math, science, and nature by experimenting and solving problems, designing and building structures, planting and caring for our classroom garden, and observing and investigating the natural world around us.


* We’ll expand our social-emotional toolkit by learning to name and manage our big feelings, developing and navigating friendships, practicing kindness and self-advocacy, listening and sharing, and enjoying group and individual play.


* We’ll express our creativity by making art, dancing and singing, telling stories, and using our imaginations.

Kids in the optional Extended Day program eat lunch from home together and then enjoy extra outdoor play time. More information can be found under the More tab. 

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