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Turtle Class
2 & 3-year-olds

The Turtle Class is a safe and supportive place for our youngest students to socialize outside of the home and begin to learn what it means to be part of an active and engaging classroom setting. 


Each day starts with a warm welcome. Some Turtles prefer a sincere smile and a quiet greeting, while others want more fanfare at their arrival. We help direct each child to an area that will be a good place to begin his or her day, whether that is starting the morning with a favorite book, heading outside to the porch, or discovering what new toys might be out. During free play, some Turtles need more guidance than others, which we provide with ideas or as play partners. Most two- and three-year-olds play independently, though often in parallel with others, and as the year progresses, we witness more and more invitations to join in play with another and even group play. 


Turtle students play, paint, sing, dance, read, cook, and explore the outdoors. They gain confidence in their own abilities as they begin to master self-help skills and classroom behavioral expectations. Most important, they have a lot of fun, as we develop relationships that continue to grow throughout the Turtles' preschool years.

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